NEW YORK – July 13, 2015 – A new Digital Risk study shows that a majority of millennials, or first-time homebuyers for that matter, still want to use a real estate agent – but the margin is narrowing as high-tech real estate firms offer more online shopping options.

The nationwide housing poll covered 1,344 people aged 18 to 34. In addition to asking if participants preferred to use an agent or search for a home independently, the survey also queried polltakers about how they found the home they ultimately purchased and what resources they found most useful in the home-search process.

While most of these buyers still appreciate the helpfulness and benefit of an agent, the gap is slim.

The study found that an agent is especially valuable in areas where moving one block can raise or lower the value of a residence by as much as $100,000. A Realtor who specializes in a neighborhood may also be in touch with buyers who are looking for a particular house, or sellers who have not put their home on the market just yet.

As for why millennials might not want to use a real estate agent, technology plays a major role. They can simply do more online than ever before, and, as a generation, they're more comfortable with technology.

Approximately 94 percent of millennials are active users of online banking, while 92 percent are active users of social media, according to Accenture.

Source: Housing Wire (07/10/15) Swanson, Brena

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